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The Story Behind the Famous Chanel 2.55 Handbag

When you look at the luxurious design of Chanel 2.55 Handbags, you would surely wonder what inspired Coco to create such versatile and alluring handbag. This article tells you about the story behind the Chanel 2.55 collections.

Lock Closure

The original rectangular closure of the very first Chanel 2.55 handbags that are released in 1955, and with the 2.55 Reissue bags is what you call the Mademoiselle Lock. It is called as such since Mademoiselle is used as a courtesy title to unmarried ladies in France-Coco as we all know remained a Mademoiselle her entire life.

Why 2.55?

This term refers to the very first release of Chanel bags which occurred in February of year 1955. This is suppose to refer to the collection released on those days but is now commonly used as a term for all flap-style handbags of Chanel collections.

Double Chain Shoulder Strap

Don't you know that Coco grew up from the orphanage? The double chain shoulder straps that you could see in the very first 2.55 and the Reissue collection came from the chain used by nuns and caretakers for their keys. It is the same chain that is wrapped in their waist where they would dangle their keys.

Inside Zippered Compartment

It is commonly known for Chanel lovers that the zipper compartment of the first 2.55 handbags, which is also found in Reissue is where Coco hide her love letters. It was rumored that during the release of these handbags Coco was having a love affair.

Double Flap in the Reissue

Since the Chanel Reissue is the remake of the very first Chanel 2.55 collection. It is known that the back of the outside flap is where Coco would put her extra money when she's out for some party or errands.

Now you know how what inspired Coco in creating very elegant handbag? For sure, you would want the first original 2.55 designs rather than the later Coach classic collection.