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Croc Clogs - When It Comes to Footwear Crocs Certainly Know How

If you have not had a chance to have a good look at Croc clogs recently boy are you in for a big surprise. The amazing guys at Crocs have come up with some fantastic new styles and designs that are sure to please even the most picky shoe fashionista. Croc clogs have come an awfully long way in the last few years or so and I think that you would find it very hard not to be impressed by what you find. They really have pulled out the stops for sure.

When they first came out in 2002, the first pairs that went on sale sold out in an instant. They were designed specifically for spa footwear and as such not only offer the ultimate in comfort (it is pretty cool how they do it too) but allow for maximum air flow in, over and around the foot so keeping your feet cool and dry.

The reason that they are so comfortable no matter which style or design you choose, is that they are made from a special closed cell resin. Which firstly absorbs the load on your feet and spreads it evenly around so pressure is not directed at one particular spot on your foot.

Secondly, they not only mould themselves to your foot whenever wear them but they support the arch and heels of your feet too. This turn prevents rotation of the foot and helps to stand properly without you even knowing, how clever is that?

Because of these unseen health benefits and the hard work that Crocs put in to keeping your posture and feet in great shape, the US Ergonomic Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association have recognised how amazing they are and have given Crocs certificates to prove that they really are beneficial to anybody wearing them. Trust me; neither of them gives out these accolades without stringent tests being passed with flying colours.

If you have seen the original design and thought Croc shoes are just limited to beach and pool wear, you would be a little misguided. The new kids on the block are just as at home in the office or college and still offer you all of those hidden health benefits too.

We all know how fussy kids can be when it comes to footwear but, I can guarantee some very happy faces if you present them with the super cool funky colours whether it is for school or having fun out and about. They are pretty indestructible and it is not often you get such a durable, practical shoe that can take you through rain, shine, wet or dry with ease.

Kids being kids they can be pretty tough on anything they wear on their feet, with Croc clogs it really does not matter that they have the ultimate in test pilots putting them through their paces. I promise they can withstand the most punishing regime.

They come up like new after a quick spin in the washing machine no problem so, no worries about mud, dirt and general grime. Also, you know that Croc clogs are looking after you and your kids feet whenever you wear them. Not just in the unseen ways but, with the slip resistant soles too, you can go and explore in safety whatever the terrain.