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Cashmere Scarves Are a Great Look for Teens

Are you looking for a way to make a fashion statement at school? Cashmere scarves are a hot new look that teens. Guys and girls are making cashmere scarves a part of their school wardrobe.

Scarves are great way to change the look of an outfit. You can wear them with a top and jeans, or with your favorite tunic and leggings. You can also wear them with a dress and boots. With all of the different ways you can wear cashmere scarves, you can wear a scarf every day and never imitate the same look twice.

Another great look that many teens are wearing is a scarf with a matching cap. Many boutiques and fashion outlets are selling matching scarves and hats in different colors and patterns. Pair them with your favorite top or tunic for a bohemian look that will make you look like one of the popular clique.

A turtleneck with a long cashmere scarf is another popular trend. Pair it with a pair of cashmere gloves for a great fall look when cheering on the football or soccer team. If you love to ice skate, this is a great way to stay warm when you are out on the ice.

If you like dresses and boots, cashmere scarves add a nice when used as a sash. If you belt your dress with a scarf of a different color, you can help break up a simple outfit. You can tuck the ends of the scarf in or turn the knot over one hip and let the ends hang down on your side.

Some people worry that as they go about their busy day running from class to class, that it may be hard keeping a scarf in place. There are different ways to do this depending on your preferences.

Some scarves are manufactured as a circle, instead of open with fringes on the ends. This is helpful if you are wearing around your neck. You can loop the scarf around your neck twice for a nice look without worrying about it falling off during the day.

Brooches are a popular trend for securing scarves and shawls. If you have a brooch that was your grandmothers, this is a great way to update this old fashioned jewelry. You can look fashionable while still being able to wear something that is important to your family.

As a teenager, it is important to wear what is in style. With cashmere scarves, you can show that you are up on the latest trends. Unlike many other trends, scarves are comfortable and work well with jeans if that is your preference. If you are not into wearing dresses or skirts, you can still wear leggings, khakis, or jeans and pair them with a nice cashmere scarf. Keep up with the popular kids in school and wear a cashmere scarf for your next school function or party.