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Burning Calories With a Reebok T5.1 Treadmill

Unhealthy lifestyles and poor diets have contributed extra kilograms to most of the people. To earn their living, people have sacrificed most of the time working in the office and their hectic schedule does not even allow them to go for a jog at the nearest park. Extra calories will be stored in our bodies and accumulate into fat. If you are willing to fork out 15 - 20 minutes per day, you will be able to shed off these excess pounds. Reebok T5.1 treadmill will be the right choice for those who are performance and result orientated.

Reebok T5.1 treadmill features a large LCD that displays the heart rate, calories burnt, distance, time and speed of the runner. The backlit LCD enables runner to monitor their progress in dark. The runner can either control the speed manually or run any of the 3 user programs that are installed to the equipment.

There are two ways to measure your heart rate with the Reebok T5.1 treadmill - by the wireless heart rate belt-like strap that can be attached to your chest, or by sensors in the hand grip. To burn more calories, calculate your target heart rate and keep your heart rate within the range. The heart rate sensor will adjust your treadmill according to your body's fitness level.

In order to burn calories, warm up yourself before increasing the speed to prevent muscle injuries. Slowly increase your incline percentage to 1%. The incline function works as an uphill training. Maintain the same speed and incline level that you are comfortable with before switching back to normal mode. The results will be more significant if you switch alternately between incline and normal mode several times throughout your session.

After completing your session, the treadmill's deck can be folded up to save up space. It is important to monitor your progress for every session so that you can adjust your workout to improve the results.