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Building Your Brand - Use Twitter to Gain a Voice

Let's start by first suggesting that you are here because you are interested in building your personal brand, and you are familiar with Twitter, the dominant social media platform for social networking.

How can you 'marry' your personal brand with Twitter and use Twitter to your advantage?

Did you know that you have a voice on Twitter? We're not talking about an audible voice although there are ways to put your voice on Twitter. What we are referring to here is your voice as your image or brand.

Having a voice means you want to be heard, you want people to understand your message and in this case, the message you want to get across is by using Twitter.

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform allowing members to 'tweet' their status, their news or activities constantly. However, they are limited to 140 characters at a time so no lengthy tomes here! Your message needs to be short and to the point.

Consider every message you 'Tweet' plays a part in building your brand.

If you think of every single 'tweet' you write as an extension of your business and your personal brand, it will and should influence how you create your message to best represent you and what you are promoting.

Match your messages with the tone of your brand. As an example: If you had funeral homes, you would think that your messages would be serious, perhaps formal, and supportive to your target audience. You wouldn't want to be telling jokes or being silly. Those in need of your services wouldn't even consider what you had to offer if your 'voice' on Twitter is not congruent with your business.

When building your Brand on Twitter, be congruent.

It's important to be yourself when communicating with Twitter or any other Social media platform as people want to get to know you and trust you. Having said that, always remember that what you say is contributing to your personal brand and what do you want that to be? Be congruent and match your communications with the image you want conveyed to that great big community you are reaching with Twitter.


Not only can you communicate with the millions of people who are using this social media platform but... if you listen, they are communicating with you. Pay attention and you might find you get a great deal of useful information about your target market, their needs, wants and desires and this can help you with products and services. By listening well, you will also be contributing to building your brand and gaining a voice with Twitter.