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Bass Guitars Cases - How To Make The Right Choice

Owning bass guitar cases to protect your instruments is crucial if you want your guitar to last for more than a year or two. While many people have a tendency to prop their guitars against a wall and forget about them, this habit is not good for your instrument. Allowing your bass guitar to be exposed to humidity and sudden changes of heat and cold can drastically shorten the lifespan of the materials used to build the guitar. It will also lead to strings needing replaced more often, as variations on temperature and moisture can scathe even metal strings.

There are many various types of bass guitar cases. The most general type are hard plastic coated cases that provide water and impact protection for your case. These are also layered enough where any temperature changes do not immediately effect the instrument. This is great for when you have to take your bass guitar outside in summertime or wintertime, where the temperatures may be exceedingly hot or cold. In addition to this, there are cloth covered cases. These tend to be obtainable in more colours, and have more features. They provide an inside plastic cover so that your instrument is protected against the elements. The use of cloth or soft leather on the outside allows for sheet music cases or other pockets to store strings and other components.

When you purchase bass guitar cases, you will want to make certain that you have space for your basic maintenance gear. Picks or tabs, as well as any desired cloths should be able to fit in the case with your bass guitar. Extra strings and electronics for electric guitars should also fit without getting to become creative.

When you purchase a brand new bass guitar, you should make certain that you get its case as well. Guitar makers include cases with the sale of their guitars. If you buy a guitar without a case, then the shop you are purchasing it from is keeping the case. The only times that you will not receive a case with your bass guitar is if you custom order a guitar and ask that the case is not included with it. As bass guitar cases are custom fit for each model of case, it is very hard to get a new case for a guitar, particularly if it is not in a standard shape or size. You may have to order your case custom.

Should your bass guitar cases be battered, you should take them in for repair, so they can properly protect your investment.