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Barbour - Britain's Finest Jacket Maker

A Brief History Of Barbour.

J. Barbour and Sons started life way back in the 1894 as a supplier of Oil Skins to the docks of South Shields and it wasn't long before the fame of the well made Oil Skin Jackets has made it all the way to London. By 1974 Barbour had received the Royal Warrant to produce protective clothing to the Royal Household and from then on in they have grown the company in to one of the most respected brands in the world.

In 1916 due to the growing size of the company Barbour relocated their Head Quarters to London, by this time they were producing a varied range of jackets which included the famous Beacon Jacket, this jacket would later lend its name to the Barbour Beacon Heritage Range.

In 1934 Barbour introduced their Motor Cycling Range, this gave birth to the now classic Barbour International Jacket. This jacket along with the rest of its range would become synonymous with the great Hollywood actor Steve McQueen who would eventually give his name to an entire collection.

More recently Barbour have teamed up with Japanese fashion house To Ki To, and between them they have produced some of Barbour's modern classics. They have taken the traditional side of British country life and given it a Japanese modern twist.

Some Of The Classic Jackets.

Barbour has many jackets in its collection that could be called classics, I will try and only look at four which might be doing the company an injustice but I'm afraid that's all we have the space for here.

The Beacon Jacket. Thiswas one of the first jackets in the original Barbour catalogue and it is one of the jackets they made their name from. Made to weigh only 3.5 lbs it was a light weight jacket for it's time and it was marketed towards the out door sportsman, it was made from oiled cloth and boasted a velvet collar.

The International Jacket. In 1934 with the introduction of the Motor Cycling range came the International jacket. This Jacket has turned out to be one of Barbour's most iconic jackets and by 1957 it was the most popular Motor Cycling Jacket in Britain. It was introduced by Duncan Barbour who was a keen Motor Cyclist.

The Bedale. Arriving in 1980 The Bedale Jacket was the first short light weight jacket from Barbour that benefited from being made out of thorn proof material. It became an instant hit with farmers who found that they could walk around their fields protected from the elements with out getting too sweaty.

The Quilt. Whether you wear it as an under jacket to a Bedale or on its own the Barbour Quilted Jacket is possibly the most iconic of the Barbour Jackets. It's simple design and practicality have made it a hit with all walks of society. From the streets of London to the fields of Cornwall the Barbour Quilted Jackets can be seen being worn by people that like quality and style.

In Conclusion.

Barbour will stand out as being one of the Great British clothing companies of the modern era, whether you are living in the city or working in the fields there will be a jacket in the range for you. Barbour have built their name on high standards and quality of service, their repair service is one part of this. When you know that you can send your jackets for repairs for the whole of its active life it fills you with confidence, and will also make you a patron of the brand. In a time when Britain has lost its way in manufacturing Barbour stands out as a shining light and one that others should follow.