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All About Adidas

Contrary to popular conceptions, the Adidas brand is German. Many people believe that because of the successful nature of the brand - the Trefoil and the three stripes are amongst the most easily recognised logos in the world - the company must be American. Not so, Adolph Dassler, Adi for short, created the brand in the 1920s, the brand name is an abbreviation of his Christian name and his Surname.

The Adidas Company has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Germany. Their first line of merchandise were supportive and performance enhancing trainers, but today, such lines as Adidas Original, clothing, sports equipment, and various accessories, are all part of the remit of the Adidas brand. The popularity of the brand is exceptional, indeed, what amounts to a cult following surrounds the Adidas Originals line of merchandise.

Although they form part of the retro fashion movement, the clothing they make continues to be sports orientated. Practically any sporting goods are available: rowing machines, footballs, tracksuits, Adidas trainers, sports bags, socks, underwear, etc. Perhaps the reason for their popularity lies not solely in the intricate design, and attention to detail, for which the brand is renowned, but rather, for the exceptional comfort, and support, that all the Adidas merchandise exhibits.

In our modern and energetic world, ease of movement is essential; the material from which Adidas clothing is made allows free movement. Indeed, the stretch is built into every tracksuit, t-shirt, and jumper, and so, Adidas is the ideal clothing for both everyday life, and sporting events too. Moreover, durability is implicit in every creation, so even if you are put through your paces, your clothing, and your Adidas trainers are not.

Practicality is a key feature with the Adidas brand, not only in concern of the aforementioned durability, but also in another sense too. For instance, their tracksuits come with pockets, which provide the perfect place to store your MP3 player while practicing sports. There are many other useful features too. For instance, certain ranges help the body to maintain a regular temperature, so they enable a cooling down of the main core when excessively hot, yet keep in warmth when the body is cold - how that works, we have no idea, but it does, and many sportspeople find this an essential part of their kit.

For all these wonderful qualities, the Adidas range is great value for money, although, it may not feel like this is true when you part with your hard earned cash. However, you will find that clothing lasts a long time. In fact, many fashionable people will go out of their way to find genuine Adidas articles from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, in the hope of creating a retro look. These people easily manage to find such items, particularly on various auctioning sites; which just proves the point that the Adidas Company creates clothes that last.