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Oakley is based in Lake Forest, California, and a subsidiary of Italian company Luxottica, designs, develops and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces. Most of Oakley's technological designs, fashion pieces, gear, etc. were developed with extensive athlete input and testing in the field - including extreme conditions.

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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Oakley Flex Scape on Cyber Monday Sale

A removable winterized gasket is moisture-wicking and can be removed or added according to preference. Three different nose pieces deliver further custom fit options. 

The idea of Physiomorphic Geometry led the Oakley design team to ideate without shape limitations and come up with the look of the Flex Scape. The purpose-built lens design conforms to the contours of the face and is shaped to increase the wearer’s field of view. It is also equipped to be adapted to different weather conditions but also to your style. 

Still, protection is also a key feature. “The first prototypes that were implemented into the frame were intended to verify that we could meet our own rigorous standards for strength and impact protection. Once we had the slide's geometry established, we shifted to how might we incorporate a locking element that is tool-less and intuitive so that a user can quickly, easily, and without consulting a manual or YouTube, figure out how to go from their strap to temples or vice versa”, describes Casey Lee. “The snap alone went through its own iterative process and involved investigating multiple overarching concepts and the final concept went through another round of iteration to make sure everything from the removal force to the audible click were all just right.“

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Score Signature Oakley Style at Discount Prices


When it comes to innovative sunglasses that fuse performance with bold style, Oakley reigns supreme. For those seeking the brand's cutting-edge designs at insider prices, Oakley outlets offer access to discounted shades perfect for any summer adventure.

Women Oakley TIE BREAKER POP POLAR COLLECTION OO4108-14 Outlet Online

Lining the walls at Oakley outlets is an extensive range of the brand's most coveted men's and women's sunglasses. Iconic sporty styles like the Wind Jacket 2.0, EVZero Blades and Radar EV Advancer feature Oakley's groundbreaking lens technologies to enhance vision in any environment. Meanwhile, lifestyle silhouettes like the retro Frogskins and oversized Clifden keep you covered in effortless California cool.

Women Oakley UNSTOPPABLE POLARIZED OO9191-11 Outlet Online

Yet Oakley outlets offer more than discounted eyewear. Some locations feature sport simulators where you can test shades first-hand before purchasing. Others provide design customization services so you can put your own creative twist on Oakley's signature styles. Don't miss exclusive outlet merchandise too.

Women Oakley UNSTOPPABLE POLARIZED OO9191-01 Outlet Online

For unprecedented access to Oakley’s pinnacle performance innovation and style, outlets unlock deals on adventure-ready sunglasses built to last. Here you can score the brand’s best technologies to compete, explore and make a statement while protecting your eyes. See yourself stepping up your summer style at Oakley outlets!

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See the World through Oakley Outlets: Score Cutting-Edge Eyewear for Any Adventure

Fusing sports performance with bold style, Oakley reigns supreme in the world of innovative eyewear. At Oakley outlets, you can access the brand’s extensive collection of high-tech sunglasses that merge optics with attitude. Whether you’re an athlete or outdoor explorer, here’s what you need to see clearly on your next adventure.

Men Oakley CARBON SHIFT OO9302-02 Outlet Online

Oakley outlets offer an impressive array of the brand’s signature sport and lifestyle sunglasses. Iconic models like the Frogskins, Radar and Holbrook feature Oakley’s groundbreaking lens technologies to enhance vision in any environment. You’ll also find limited edition collabs and exclusives you won't see anywhere else. Meanwhile Oakley's array of technical apparel and accessories complete the brand's head-to-toe outfitting.


Beyond the products, Oakley outlets provide immersive brand experiences that embody the company's adventurous spirit. Some locations feature sports simulators where you can test gear first-hand before purchasing. Others provide eyewear customization services, so you can personalize your shades. Don’t miss in-store events like athlete appearances too.

Men Oakley SLIVERâ„¢ ROUND OO9342-04 Outlet Online

With access to Oakley’s pinnacle performance eyewear and beyond, outlets unlock adventure-ready style built to last a lifetime. Here you’ll score the brand’s best innovations to compete, explore and make a statement. See yourself stepping up your game in Oakley. The open road awaits!

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Oakley Sunglasses outlet online sale in this season

After launching with an optical collection in 2022, sustainable children’s brand Planet Pop has released its second collection with a focus on sunglasses.

The line includes six models with three to four colourways, all produced in bio-based materials derived from renewable plant-based resources.

Every model is named after a species of whale and carries a small illustration on the end tips in reference to the species. Pictured is ‘Minke,’ which carries a small minke character.

The frames are delivered with a pouch made from cork and a lens cloth made from recycled fibres.

Planet Pop was established in 2020 after parents in the London-based team noticed their children learning about the environment at school, and developing a passion to “protect our planet, protect our futures.”

Seeing a gap in the market for a sustainable children’s eyewear collection in fun colours and contemporary styles, the brand was formed and is now available in independent practices across the UK and Europe.

As a business member of the 1% for the Planet organisation, Planet Pop donates 1% of its annual sales to a charity working to protect the environment.

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Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses review

The Radar EV Paths quickly felt comfortable after pulling them on, with the nose piece fitting nicely and no obvious pressure spots.

The fit proved secure throughout testing, too, both on the bike and run, with no noticeable movement. That’s in part thanks to the arms, which use Oakley’s sale Unobtanium earsocks and nose pads for optimum comfort and security. The rubberised-feeling texture grips the head well. If the nose piece doesn’t quite work for you, there is an alternative included.

Now that’s all out of the way, let’s talk about the lens. The Radar EV Path is available in multiple combinations of frame colour and lens choice, and you can even mix and max by customising your own pair.

In our case, we’re testing a set featuring the brand’s Prizm Sapphire lens. Oakley’s Prizm lenses have been around for quite some time now and have gone through a lot of refinement over the years.

They’re designed to ‘fine-tune individual colours, enhancing detail for an optimised experience’. As such, Oakley says landscapes that would normally appear dull or flat will become ‘vibrant and vivid’. We’ve seen this work to good effect in the past and that also seems to be the case here. There’s a vibrancy that’s not widely available across other options on test here and details do stand out marginally more than usual.

Being a category three lens with a VLT of 12%, the Radar EV Path also does a fine job of blocking sunshine in bright conditions. Of course, this does mean that in darker light or dappled woodland visibility isn’t quite so great. Admittedly, you can purchase an additional lens at £76 each, which’d give you more versatility year-round.

Of course, rarely is a product perfect and that’s seemingly the case here, too, though we only have a couple of minor quibbles. The first is a result of the smaller size of these glasses.

Unlike some bigger options, the lenses only go as high as the bottom of our eyebrows, with the frame stretching upward a little further. The result is that when hunched over onto the drops or extensions the top frame comes into view slightly.

Fortunately, the close fit minimises any wind escaping behind the lenses. Our only other gripe is that the vents at the top of the lens allow sunlight to shine through on occasion, though they will undoubtedly help fend off any fogging.

The high price may also be a little hard to swallow for some, but at least you get a hard case and soft bag included, plus impressive performance from the lens.

Verdict: Excellent fit and impressive lenses, but marks docked for impaired vision at top.

If you’d like an option with a bigger lens, and the wider field of vision that comes with it, consider Oakley’s Sutro sunglasses.

The Prism Road lens delivers excellent contrast and detail-boosting performance, while the full frame provides durability and protection.

Fit proved ideal for this tester, with the arms and nose piece working together to deliver a secure feel while cycling and running.

While an RRP of £140 is far from cheap, it represents decent value, particularly as they can be found for considerably less at some retailers.

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Oakley Jawbreaker with Photochromic (used once) online for sale

An almost-new (opened and used once) pair of Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses outlet, complete with state-of-the-art photochromic lenses. A marvel of both style and functionality, these sunglasses offer the best of both worlds:

Design: Boasting Oakley's signature aesthetic, the Jawbreaker frame is both sleek and robust, designed to fit comfortably while ensuring maximum field of vision.

Photochromic Lens: The lenses automatically adjust to the surrounding light conditions, darkening under bright sunlight and clearing up in lower light settings. This dynamic adaptation ensures optimal visibility and protection at all times.

Condition: Worn only a handful of times, they look and feel almost brand new. No scratches or blemishes on the lenses or frame.

Perfect for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone seeking the pinnacle of eyewear technology and style. Secure these glasses now and experience the Oakley difference at a fraction of the retail price! ..........Read full article

Oakley sunglasses outlet online Provides Tom Cruise Gear for Biggest Mission Impossible Stunt Yet

If you’ve been to see Tom Cruise’s latest installment of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, chances are you’ve seen the “ECLP23” prototype eyewear from oakley vault online.

As Cruise put his life on the line to perform the vigorous, intensive and dangerous stunts for the film, he needed the right gear for the job, so for one of his biggest scenes, stepped in one of the biggest performance eyewear brands.

Oakley teamed up with Cruise to design and develop bespoke eyewear for his iconic character, Ethan Hunt. With one of the most dangerous stunts in the Mission: Impossible franchise included in the recent film, Oakley had to innovatively design the ECLP23 glasses to withstand high speeds and extreme wind velocity.
While considered to be a prototype, the finished product was operational and provided a custom fit to Cruise’s face, as well as a “Zero Gravity” expression that offered the actor an expanded field of view, allowing for enhanced situational awareness.

For a closer look at the ECLP23 eyewear in action, see the behind-the-scenes clips below of some of the biggest stunts in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

In related news, see why Disney will begin to make fewer Marvel and Star Wars projects.

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Now might be the moment to talk about Oakley sunglasses outlet online — again.

The California label that was once reserved exclusively for professional athletes and bum bag-wearing dads, that then became a staple for teens in the 1990s (JNCO jeans, frosted tips, chokers, and wraparound Oakleys were an essential), is having a renaissance.

We’ve discussed their appearance in high fashion and the curious case of the Oakley watch. The label right now, though, is having another "moment," and a bizarrely persistent one too.

What was initially a revolutionary eyewear label that catered to the world of extreme sports (and also a manufacturer of motocross hand grips, I’ll have you know), has since become a ubiquitous staple in the realm of everyday fashion.

As is the way with modern brands that boast as extensive an archive as Oakley, the hype around the eyewear aficionados began to reappear in 2022 following a slew of reissues from its initial nineties heyday, most notably the SubZero revamp thirty years after its release.

Ask any Oakley head and they’ll tell you that the SubZero was the style that cemented the brand’s reputation as an eyewear leader. With its innovative Prizm Lens Technology and never-seen-before shield lens design, Oakley became the brand of the moment (within eyewear, anyway) and was being worn by some of the world’s most famous athletes.

That being the case, the fact the SubZero’s re-release kick-started cheap oakley sunglasses recent revival shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, especially considering the then-burgeoning Y2K trend and the rise of gaudy-looking performance wear.

Still, the idea of wearing flashy mirrored sunglasses has surprising elasticity. Everything from down puffers and full-zip fleeces, to anoraks and tank tops are now being paired with Oakley, with all its wearers wanting to give the impression they can tie a Yosemite bowline, or that they own a pair of cargo shorts. It’s the real-world, fashion-as-function appeal.

Granted, it takes more than a few re-releases to see a brand’s popularity rise as much as oakley sunglasses outlet, so it turned to what its peers had been doing: collaborations.

As everyone is now well-aware: collaborative releases are now commonplace in fashion. But good collaborative releases? Now they’re a little harder to come by.

What was once hailed as the unification of two (or more) creative minds coming together to create one or more products that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, has now become more of a logo-placing exercise between two labels. That’s not the case for Oakley, though.

From links with Palace and Satisfy, to Bodega and, most recently, the latest instalment of its ongoing Brain Dead collaboration, Oakley has lent some of its most epochal styles to some of the brands of today, and let them have their way.

It’s safe to say that oakley outlet sunglasses has its stems in a myriad of subcultural eyewear pies, and to great acclaim. Perhaps the only perplexing thing about Oakley’s collaborative approach is its sheer persistence in terms of volume, although that’s not for you or I to worry about.

Oakley’s rise hasn’t just been in eyewear either. Collaborations with Satisfy and Foot Patrol have seen the Big O pop up on various items of apparel, while its Factory Team sub-line has been dropping footwear with brands like Brain Dead for some time now.

Take its Dead Flesh and Chop Saw silhouettes, for example, two styles conceptualized as Oakley Factory Team by Brain Dead.

In the same vein as its eyewear revival, when it comes to apparel and footwear, the process and direction has remained much the same: to make archival Oakley styles relevant again, either by design, storytelling, or both.

Thanks to its honest collaborative approach, an extensive archive, and a penchant for making some of the best eyewear in the game — plus ambassadors like Kylian Mbappe and Alexia Puttelas — the rise of Oakley is well and truly underway.

In fact, you could say we’re in the epicentre of an Oakley renaissance, but through a tinted (sometimes mirrored, sometimes collaborative) lens.

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Oakley outlet online Made Custom Glasses for Tom Cruise’s Craziest ‘Mission Impossible’ Stunt Ever

The Mission Impossible movies are one of the few recurring productions that’s lasted as long as it has while continuing to up the ante with each stunt. Much of this is thanks to Tom Cruise’s willingness to (and passion for) helping create the stunts and then doing them himself (even into his early 60s). From climbing the Burj Khalifa to hanging off a passenger plane’s door as it takes off, every entry into the series is more daring than the last. And in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, the team pulls off what many consider to be not only the biggest stunt in the franchise, but in recent movie history as well. In order to give Ethan Hunt the proper equipment for jumping a bike off a large ramp (on top of an even larger mountain), Oakley was tapped to create a custom pair of glasses, the ECLP23, that could get the job done.

These glasses were custom-built for a significantly dangerous stunt (for Hunt and Cruise), so it was essential that they offered enough protection. And Oakley was the perfect choice for the job, with a trusted track record of making performance eyewear since the ‘70s. The ECLP23 glasses feature High Speed Protection and an expanded field of view (so vision isn’t lost on the side). This “Zero Gravity” design was built around Tom Cruise’s face, and it features a fastened band instead of the traditional temples.

Although you can’t buy these particular glasses, Oakley’s Plazma lineup certainly has a similar vibe, and you can catch Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One now to see the custom shades in action.

If that’s not enough, you can see the ECLP23 glasses in the Oakley Headquarters at One Icon this summer, and check out what went down behind the scenes.

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Oakley and Satisfy Team Up For Sunglasses and Apparel Outlet Online Collaboration

The first of the two part collaborative series is slated to focus on eyewear, specifically new iterations of the Oakley’s popular Re:SubZero sunglasses. The sunglasses are available in two different colorways for the first drop, arriving in matte dusty rose with a Prizm Dark Golf Lens and another version in matte black with a Prizm Black lens. A month after its release, the collection’s second drop will feature a third pair of sunglasses, the Oakley x Satisfy Eye Jacket sunglasses.

Alongside the third pair of sunglasses, the second release will feature the rest of the apparel collection to complement the Oakley x Satisfy Eye Jacket sunglasses. This particular pair of sunglasses come in matte brown frame and will feature various lenses. The apparel collection includes a MothTech t-shirt that is highlighted by its ventilation and moisture-wicking material. Other pieces include an iteration of the Satisfy Auralite Base Layer shirt that feature underarm light panels, a pair of Justice Cargo Half Tight pants with cargo pockets for functionality and mesh venting for breathability. The collection also comes with a PeaceShell Belted Short System and sun hat.

The Satisfy x Oakley collaboration will see pieces range between $115 USD to $405 USD and are expected to hit select retailers and Oakley and Satisfy stores worldwide. The first part of the collection drops on May 25.

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