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Oakley is based in Lake Forest, California, and a subsidiary of Italian company Luxottica, designs, develops and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces. Most of Oakley's technological designs, fashion pieces, gear, etc. were developed with extensive athlete input and testing in the field - including extreme conditions.

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Sporting a pair of Oakley “OVERTHETOP” goggles, Ato effectively dragged sport glasses, kicking and screaming, down from the mountains and into the mainstream, at a time when overhead goggles were a completely foreign concept to most people. Found occasionally in gaudy science-fiction movies, but almost never seen in reality. ..........Read full article

Why Stock in the Owner of Oakley Outlet Online and Ray-Ban Sunglasses Is Looking Brighter

Ray-Ban and Oakley eyewear maker EssilorLuxottica has resolved several years of post-merger turmoil, naming an insider as CEO, tasked with integrating the two businesses.
In 2017, leading French lens maker Essilor came together with Italian frame producer Luxottica, but the resulting French-listed company (ticker: EL: France) has been held back by a friction-fueled co-leadership agreement. ..........Read full article

Charles Oakley’s Outlet Online memoir “The Last Enforcer” published in 2022

“From the indelible experience of fighting for the rebound and respect of the golden age of physical play, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, James Doran, Donald Trump and many others. From his relationship with and break-in, Oakley shared behind-the-scenes details, which cemented his position as a favorite of enthusiasts who left everything in court, and now put it all on the page. “There are,” said Gallery Books. ..........Read full article

Oakley Outlet Online launches 2021 Tour de France collection

Oakley is the official eyewear partner of the Tour and this latest launch sets out to celebrate that fact, along with the brand's longstanding association with the iconic race. It's not the first time Oakley has launched a Tour de France edition range, however, while previous design iterations of Oakley's Tour de France-edition sunglasses have been centred around the leaders' jerseys, each of these new Oakley cycling sunglasses features a colour theme based on the blue, white and red of the French flag. ..........Read full article

These Oakley sunglasses Outlet are a $215 GWOT participation trophy, and they used the wrong ribbon

It doesn’t seem like the shades are still available for purchase on Oakley’s official site, however, they can be found on other digital markets, like eBay, or for sale on U.S. Patriot Tactical, which notes that the high-performance frames and lenses are made to be durable, impact-resistant, and provide UV protection — all of which are pretty on-brand for Oakley’s sunglasses, which are more common at military bases than lifted pick up trucks or muscle cars. ..........Read full article


Optical performance is outstanding as usual, with no noticeable distortion and superb clarity, along with the excellent contrast I’ve come to expect from Smith’s ChromaPop lens tin technology (which isn’t dramatically different from Oakley’s Prizm concept). Despite the flatter profile, coverage is still generous thanks to the 99 mm width and 57 mm lens height, particularly at the top courtesy of the tabbed lens shape. ..........Read full article

Oakley Kato outlet online: Revolutionising The Face Of Sport

For many decades now an almost permanent feature of the faces of endurance athletes around the world, a new model from Oakley is always going to create noise, even if it is of the Marmite variety! The Oakley Kato is their latest, very distinctive addition to the range, which they claim is “our most revolutionary eyewear to date”. ..........Read full article

Oakley Sutro Outlet vs Rudy Project Cutline: which is the king of the cycling sunglasses?

The Oakley Sutro gives you a Tour de France winning pro look, with an on-trend large lens and a distinctive design that stands out from other performance sunglasses. There’s loads of coverage from the wide, deep lens and a ton of options to suit your style. The fit is less versatile than the Cutline, although you can choose the smaller size or the open bottom frame if they would work better for you. ..........Read full article

Cavendish's new Oakleys Outlet: what are they and where can I find them?

Monday saw Mark Cavendish’s return to his winning ways as he outsprinted Jasper Philipsen (Alpecin-Fenix) and André Greipel (Israel Start-Up Nation) in stage 2 of the Tour of Turkey into Konya. It marks his first victory in over three years, his last being a stage at the Dubai Tour in February 2018. ..........Read full article


I love these. The lens curve around the nose and on the top makes them look very Sci-Fi! I would love to know how they are able to manufacture the lens like that! They are a zero-frame so they are flexible enough to accommodate large faces and come with three nose pieces to get the fit correct. Heavier than the EV zero, and bigger, but still much lighter than a full-frame like Jawbreakers.

A few things to note about these:

The lens curve changes the color around the outside of the lens to look very mirrored (which I love)

Since the glasses are manufactured as one piece, the lens is NOT replaceable. So be careful!

Even with the lens curves, there is no noticeable distortion anywhere on the lens.

The frames fit farther away than cycling specific frames (Jawbreaker, Flight Jacket) which gives you a more relaxed fit and better ventilation, but not as aerodynamic.

The frames fit excellent with a helmet or hat because of the lower top frame and shorter stems than Sutro.

The Oakley inscription on the front of the lens is much bigger than on the Radar EV or Jawbreaker. So cool!

My advice for cleaning:

If your like me you are using these for some kind of sport. I use mine for mountain biking. After each use, I would highly recommend rinsing the lens off with water on the front and back BEFORE wiping the lens with a microfiber cloth. Having dust or dirt on the lens when you wipe can cause iridium scratches, and like mentioned before, the lens cannot be replaced. This along with some lens cleaning spray will prolong the life of your fresh new shades.

Overall LOVE these frames! My favorite in years!

..........Read full article